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Business cases

Attract new customer and increase sales

Imagine offering your customers up to 70% off the price of a hotel and travel experiences via your own branded website and at the same time, giving them the chance to win a major holiday prize. We can help you create a program to drive online, in-store or face to face sales which includes design and collateral to support your Holiday Incentive campaign.

Increase Online Sign-ups

Our Hotel Gift Cards are perfect to help drive increases in online sales, subscription or leads.  For example, offer $100 Hotel Gift Cards for each action.

Your customers can receive an e-voucher on purchase (or action) to activate and redeem.

Need Strong Incentives to Motivate Major Purchases?

We can design a program with Gift Card credits of up to $500 per customer for specific campaigns to reward customers. We will curate bespoke travel packages and select hotel deals that align with your brand and campaign objectives.